About Stillson Landscaping

How it all got started 

“Hello” I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jason Stillson and I am the owner of Stillson landscaping. I am married to my wife Esther and have a son Ephraim. I was born and raised in San Diego; I’ve done my share of moving around but always end up back in San Diego the place I call home.

As the son of a carpenter I have been immersed in the construction industry gaining knowledge and experience along the way. As a boy I use to mow lawns and do yard work during the summers, but my love for landscaping did not come until spring of 1999. After many requests from my brother I decided to join the company he worked for (Landscapes of California), landscaping became a perfect fit. Unfortunately I injured myself on the job and had to leave, the injury was a blessing in disguise it allowed me to go to college and take some business courses.

In spring of 2002 I decided to start my own landscaping business. With a borrowed mower in the back of my truck I dove in. Word spread that I was honest and professional and knowledgeable. Within a year I had three full time employees. In 2003 I became a California state Licensed Contractor.

In 2007 the cost of employees and slow work forced me to down size. In April of 2007 my wife and I decided to move to Florida. After four years we grew homesick and in February of 2012 decided to move back, and continue with business.

Thank you for your interest in Stillson landscaping.


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